Well.pk launches: Talaash e Roshni – Delivering Parcels of Hope

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September 28, 2016
Well.pk launches: Talaash e Roshni – Delivering Parcels of Hope
October 4, 2016

On October, 4th, Well.pk, the fastest growing e-commerce company of Pakistan launches the campaign Talaash-e-Roshni in collaboration with Roshni Helpline. Established in 2006, Roshni Helpline is an NGO working on the noble cause of recovery of missing children. Well.pk and the NGO Roshni Helpline have signed a memorandum of understanding to foster cooperation and build a system that allows better information sharing to find missing children.

Roshni Helpline organizes the first response when a child is reported missing. They also help families cope with their loss and with continuing the search when the official resources do not. The chances of finding a small child under the age of 13 decrease dramatically after the second or third day. Depending on a family’s resources, public attention on the case of a missing child can last a while longer. But for most families they are left in the dark, hopeless and desolate. It is a devastating to lose a child and families collapse like a house of cards when they aren’t able to find their lost child. After the loss of a child it is not unusual for parents to be unable to cope with regular life.

There is a myriad of possibilities of where the missing children may be, and it can all depend on the age at which they were abducted. Well.pk aims to lift the spirits of parents with lost loved ones by engaging the public in the search for their children. The heart wrenching issue of missing children is crucial and is exacerbating with each passing day. Well.pk customers will increase the awareness of this issue as it is close to all our hearts. When shopping on Well.pk, customers will receive their order in a Parcel of Hope, displaying a picture of a missing child, and in their package a car sticker for the campaign. Well.pk customers will increase awareness of the search and direct attention towards this issue close to everyone’s heart.

We have to realize that the longer a child is missing the more vulnerable he or she becomes. Missing children are subjected to human trafficking and smuggling; some are subjected to extreme trauma, forced to child labor and/or are exploited by beggars’ mafia. Many of the missing may be around us, but we cannot report or take an action because of lack of awareness. Well.pk customers will be aware of this issue but far more needs to be done so that people in general are aware of how to respond and play their part when a child goes missing. To find missing children, we need to understand that strong partnership between civil societies, NGOs, socially responsible organizations and the general public.

To raise this awareness among people and to recover and find children who are missing, Roshni Helpline is playing a pivotal role. Well.pk is collaborating with Roshni Helpline. To this end, Well.pk has signed a MOU with Roshni and the hope is that more corporate entities and public figures follow suit. This one of a kind collaboration that Well.pk is initiating with Roshni Helpline for a limited campaign duration will surely enhance the efficacy of their mission and will lighten up hopes to bring back missing children home.