What is Planet N ?

Planet N is the product of Nadeem Hussain's vision for financial and economic inclusion of Pakistan's population into the 21st century through technology. Since 2016, Planet N has added 18 companies to its portfolio across e-commerce, fintech, edutech, super food agriculture, retail and renewables. With plans to invest in more rising stars within these verticals, Planet N provides a platform for prime growth to start-ups through collaboration and shared services.



Dawaai.pk is Pakistan's first and largest online health store delivering authentic medical products across Pakistan. With the rise in smuggled and counterfeit medicines and supplements in the market, it has become essential to purchase from a reliable source. Dawaai.pk is known to be that reliable source with links directly with manufacturers and pharma companies. It delivers authentic products at doorstep across the country. Manned by a team of qualified pharmacists, all patient inquiries and concerns are dealt with in a professional and caring manner.

Dawaai.pk is the pillar within the health vertical of the group as it manages prescription and healthcare counters at our retail outlets. More importantly, Dawaai is collecting very granular health data in Pakistan which is almost non-existent in the country. This can then be leveraged as we target patient specific areas for our various offerings.


A crowdfunding platform that lets people buy a small slice of a rental property. Beginning in 2016, Apniproperty.pk finds a house — or an entire development — negotiates a deal with the seller and then posts the property on its website once it has exchanged on the deal.

  • Apniproperty.pk allows investors to take exposure to the real estate sector without having to buy an entire property
  • Apniproperty.pk also manages properties on behalf of investors as a professional manager.
  • Introducing the concept of professional landlord for the first time, ensuring our tenants live peacefully without worrying about bullying and owner related expenses.
  • Unlocking the power of investing in the real estate sector, Apniproperty.pk is an investment solution that can be marketed as complementary tool to Planet N FinTech companies KashApp and Credit Geek.
  • Apniproperty.pk is part of Planet N’s FinTech Strategy


DataLift develops proprietary algorithms and machine learning techniques, to help Planet N offer complex solutions to its group companies and beyond.

  • DataLift is a joint venture between Planet N and NextDegree to make use of data collected within the group.
  • This platform provides the group with insights on customer profiles, behaviour and spending patterns using data science algorithms, which in turn help Planet N offer cutting-edge financial services ranging from credit to savings solutions.
  • DataLift is developing strong relationships with major banks to be their primary data and analysis partner


Established in 2014, Well.pk is the fastest growing, Amazon style, online shopping venture in Pakistan, delivering products for the well-being of your complete household.

  • Variety, convenience and a reliable service remain at the core of Well.pk, which aims to give customers the finest shopping experience.
  • Provides customers with the unique service of personalised shipping guidance through its qualified Customer Success Team.
  • Well.pk is Planet N's seamless retail channel operating across the country at no additional cost. All our group's products are first launched on this platform before taken on a country wide distribution network. This not only helps our sister concern in growing their reach but also in effectively manage excess inventory in a timely manner.
  • A core part of Planet N’s E-Commerce and Retail strategy
  • Well.pk combined with Alpha forms a unique E-Commerce logistics partnership enabling us to be the first omni-channel E-Commerce company in Pakistan.
  • Well.pk brings the data of thousands of online shoppers in Pakistan to Planet N


Opened in 2016, Alpha is a lifestyle retailer with the flagship store in Clifton, Karachi. Alpha is approximately 22,000 square foot department store and supermarket.

  • One of the largest selections in food, local and imported grocery, dairy and chilled items and over 24 nonfood departments
  • Envisioned to expand to four Alpha flagship stores in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, forty ‘Alpha Express’ stores and two hundred ‘Alpha Petro Marts’.
  • A core part of Planet N’s E-Commerce and Retail strategy
  • Platinum Card / loyalty program will collect a database of high value customers of Alpha
  • Data of high value grocery shoppers will be shared within the group.
  • Alpha combined with Well.pk forms a unique E-Commerce logistics partnership enabling us to be the first omni-channel E-Commerce company in Pakistan.


Evantagesoft is a management and technology consulting organization. Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries and business functions, extensive research on the world’s most successful companies and serve high customer satisfaction.

We help our clients create value and architect change through our unique spectrum of management consulting services. Evantagesoft is available to assist its client’s in their operational, financial, and project management needs. We provide professional, cost effective management consulting service for the business and information technology communities.


Since 2009, Pi Pakistan Ltd. (PiTV) is a fully licensed Public Internet Television Service (ITS) provider, currently running a video streaming platform with state-of-the-art features including Adaptive bitrate (ABR), Video on Demand and DVR functions. Its web-based platform can run on both private and public clouds. PiTV is a cutting edge streaming platform with cloud services, CDN capacity and a Digital Television Service company.

  • Pakistan’s first over-the-internet (OTT) TV provider.
  • In white label agreements to manage streams for major corporate customers including three telecom operators’ mobile TV platforms, a major ISP using Wimax and one of the largest fibre to home bandwidth ISPs.
  • B2C product TapMad, delivers triple play entertainment live feeds and a VOD platform for all screen sizes including TVs, mobile phones and laptops.
  • A core part of Planet N’s AdTech suite.
  • Advertising on PiTV has the potential to reach a wide audience and collects data for the interaction unlike any conventional media outlet.


Created in 2016, Publishex offers its partners the best user experience and the most advanced billing and ad serving and streaming technology. Our service aim is to provide users with a simple, secure and fast way of paying for their purchases via mobile without the need of a credit card or bank account

  • PublishEx is a part of Planet N’s AdTech and FinTech strategy
  • Publishex Solutions enables merchants to seamlessly monetize digital goods and services to their users on a global scale.Publishex brings to you the first localized ad server in Pakistan, called Aspiration.pk.
  • Planet N has group wide access to the Online advertising offered through PublishEx with the tools to track and optimize campaigns.
  • The carrier billing payments model developed through PublishEx is an alternative to the KashApp model for mobile payments.


Started in 2015, Ordercall is a product of Trader Services private limited. Ordercall is a Universal System for Retail Market Sales Order Processing & Tracking in Pakistan. Changing the conventional approach practiced by the retail trade in the supply chain process, bringing them into the network age with an information process flow among manufacturers, distributors and retailers.

  • Retailers can place their stock requirement of various manufacturer’s products in a single phone call, via app or SMS.
  • Orders will be forwarded to relevant distributor and copied to manufacturer, simultaneously.
  • Deliveries to retailers will be tracked.
  • The sales directly made by the distributors staff will also be recorded real time via handheld tablets connected with cloud.
  • As every retail outlet will be digitally mapped and tagged by Ordercall, manufacturers would get complete sales tracking and distributor’s performance report with street level wise distribution activity tracking with analysis.
  • Ordercall brings valuable data about retailers and products to Planet N


Started in 2016 Kinwa Foods is specialized in harvesting processing, packaging, and exporting Quinoa grains to the international market.

  • Kinwa Foods’ business model is seed to spoon.
  • Guarantying a yearlong supply of Quinoa
  • Identified as best suitable place for Quinoa by ICBA, UAE (AIRCA Member)
  • Kinwa Foods is part of Planet N’s Superfoods Agriculture Strategy


KashApp is a totally independent mobile payments app that would allow its users to pull money from any of the 34 banks into their respective mobile wallets. Kashapp is a free, easy to use, convenient, and secure alternative to cash transactions.

Kashapp's wallet would allow user to recharge their mobile phones, make online and regular purchases, pay bills, transfer and save money, and manage their loyalty programs - all from a single app on their smart phones. Kashapp would be integrated with various e-commerce sites as the primary source of payment and with banks as their digital financial services partner.

Merchants would benefit from the payment gateway provided by the payment gateway and invoicing management solutions offered by Kashapp. Collection of payments would become easier and less costly because of no interchange fees typically charged by international payment solution providers. KashApp will become the preferred payment solution for merchants as it would allow for real time online settlement and would have a merchant discount rate substantially below that charged by International card providers

Kashapp promises to be the new gold standard in digital payments for users and merchants with zero transaction fees and bank-grade security.


Pakistan’s first private venture-backed startup accelerator & VC firm. Beginning in 2016, 10XC provides seed funding, advice and support services to early stage technology startups with a focus on teaching entrepreneurs how to build, run and grow companies with real money.

4-month mentor based training program focused on:

  • Product Development
  • Customer Development
  • Marketing & Distribution
  • Fundraising

10XC Offers.

  • Help with business basics
  • Networking activities
  • Marketing/Distribution Assistance
  • Business Training & Technology Assistance
  • Office Facilities for 4 months
  • Help with Accounting/Financial Management
  • Access to bank loans, loan funds & guarantee programs
  • Presentation Support
  • Higher Education Resources
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Access to Angel Investors + Venture Capital
  • Advisory Boards & Members


Established in 2010, Smart Renewable Energy is an off-grid energy solution company, with its own core technology and distribution partners. SRE offers professional services for renewable energy.

  • SRE brings together expertise, skills and knowledge in the renewable energy sector
  • Is able to advise clients on renewable energy including solar, wind, and biogas systems.
  • Providing Home solutions with lights, cell phones chargers, fans.
  • SRE Products are completely covered under 2 years internationally backed guarantee.
  • SRE is part of Planet N’s strategy in renewables

Set up in 2006, Starcrest Communications has been building brands for over a decade.

  • One of the core strengths of the organization is its dynamism.
  • From being just a Media Buying House to becoming a full service agency offering Creative, Digital and Media Services, the company has stayed abreast of the way the industry evolved, and sometimes pre-empted it.
  • Today, a motivated team of leading professionals serve clients like PTCL, EBM, Canderel, Big Bird, Pakistan Stock Exchange, Bake Parlor, Oppo Mobiles and many more.
  • With their uniquely designed proprietary tools: MindMapping, Milestone Measure and Activ Communication; the agency is instrumental in the way brands communicate
  • Combining conventional wisdom with digital technology it is Pakistan’s first hybrid communication agency.
  • Headquartered in Karachi and present in Lahore and Islamabad, it is the AdTech suite of Planet N.


KreditGeek aims to provide access to credit for people with little or no credit history. By using data science and technology, KreditGeek validates user identities and provides credit facilities to worthy customers. Using Android-based devices, we want to enable customers to have access to instant credit, disbursed directly in their mobile accounts.


The company aims to provide consultations, developments and logistic solutions to bring about change through using blockchain as the back bone of the services of banks and start-ups in the areas of finance, insurance and health. Current portfolio includes urdubit.com (Pakistan's first bitcoin trading platform). Paybill (a cross-border bill payments solution) and Newsbtc Pakistan.

2nd Jan, 2017

Basil Ansari and Moiz Khan

Simple.pk is a platform that enables employers and freelancers to collaborate and get anything made, serviced or delivered in a secure and fair environment.

Features like multi-currency escrow payments, local payment gateway integrations, dispute resolutions, same-day transactions and project milestone based management makes simple.pk an experience the local community was long waiting for.

Its slogan “Simple Hai, Online Banwalo” aims to inculcate a local-sourcing trend and create more earning opportunities for local freelancers.


KarloCompare.com.pk is a web application that helps Pakistani consumers compare, apply or buy personal finance products such as credit cards, personal/auto loans, and insurance products. KarloCompare is operated under CompareOn Pakistan Private Limited.